Welcome to Feta Hands!

Welcome to Feta Hands!

Four months ago I turned to my husband Elliot and announced boldly that I was going to start a vegetarian food blog. I'd been playing with the idea for a while, but that night something just snapped.

By the next day, I'd registered the domain name. It was a name Elliot had affectionately bestowed upon me in his share house in Kew four years earlier: Feta Hands. We'd only just met each other, but he'd inadvertently captured my culinary attitude in two little words. Cooking isn't about fine technique or perfectly measured ingredients. It's about getting in there, having fun, exploring... and crumbling feta on everything!

I started this blog because I love food. I love making food, I love admiring food, I love learning about food, I love sharing food, and most of all I love eating food. But as I've weaved my way through the vast tangle of food blogs out there, I've come to realise it's going to take a whole lot more than just love to survive. There's no getting around it; food blogging is hard work. 

But I'm ready for the challenge. I've emerged from the tangle more determined than ever. Determined to bring you a new perspective. To bring you versatile recipes that you'll love, and that you'll actually use (and not just once!). To expand your pantry. To encourage you to experiment a little with your own cooking. To enjoy vegetarian cooking to its full extent.

I'm launching with a little taste test of five recipes. From here on out you can expect weekly additions of recipes, tips, ideas, and all manner of stories to go with them. However you decide to use Feta Hands, I hope you'll come out the other side a little richer for it.

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