Pumpkin and chickpea Thai red curry with coriander and yoghurt

Pumpkin and chickpea Thai red curry with coriander and yoghurt

On Sunday night we had our mates Glenn (who was also, incidentally, our celebrant) and Yali over for a very special reason – a new doggo! They collected Oli at 8 weeks and Sunday was his all-important 10-week birthday. As Glenn asked for advice as to which veterinary clinic to go to, I realised it would be missing a critical opportunity not to do it myself and meet the little guy! Just look at this face for goodness' sake.

We decided to let him find his feet in this new environment before the dreaded injection. Not that he needed to. He was right at home from the word go, seeking out pieces of dead plant matter to occupy his newly erupting teeth. Meanwhile, Salty's face seemed frozen in an expression of simultaneous bewilderment, curiosity and uncertainty. He clearly didn't want to be here, and yet... it was just too intriguing not to be!

Dinner was served with vials, syringes and needles as a centrepiece, lest we forget the reason we were gathered here. After dinner it was finally time for Oli's examination. One of us was clearly enjoying it more than the other! You'll be glad to know that, a couple of ear infections aside, he was the picture of health.

In exchange for my veterinary services, Glenn presented us with a very special gift. Wine, yes, but that was almost a given. More importantly, one year and three weeks after our wedding, we are now the proud owners of our wedding certificate. It was touch and go there for a while as Glenn requested that we see whether my parents had it in their possession, but it was finally recovered from beneath his bed. (Before you ask, no, Elliot hasn't been working out at the gym. His arm is just naturally that big.)

The meal we served had to involve a minimum of fuss, what with both of us being flat out at work and the vaccination play date being organised just a day in advance. Enter this curry. As well as being easy and unbelievably cheap, if you prep the onion and pumpkin in advance, this meal won't keep you away from your guests for long either.

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Pumpkin and chickpea Thai red curry with coriander and yoghurt




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